Position Name
President TEH Kaiwen
Vice-President OH Peng Ho
Honorary General Secretary Rohith MISIR
Honorary Finance Secretary WAN Tat Loong
Events Director Jason KOH Jun Qiang
Events Director Sebastien SIM Wei Siang
Marketing Director YO Wee King
Marketing Director ONG Zhimin
Public Relations Director SEOL Hye Ri
Public Relations Director PEH Zu Cheng
Assets Director KONG Yu Ning
Academics Director Terence LONG Shi Jie
IT Director LIM Yi Sheng
Welfare Director Jeanne SIM Peh Wuen


Position Name
President Henry TANG Ji Rui
Vice-President Jeremy ZHONG Jiahao
Honorary General Secretary Samantha Chua Zhen Ling
Honorary Finance Secretary Dex HOE Bing Huan
Events Director Wyner LIM Wei Han
Events Director CHAN Yong Guang
Marketing Director LEE Xiang Rui
Marketing Director Thao TRAN Pham Viet
Public Relations Director Alvin SOH Wei Sheng
Public Relations Director Zee YEO Zhen Zhi
Assets Director Fiona WOO Yu Mei
Creative Director Melvrick GOH Aik Chun
Welfare Director Abdul Basith S/o MOHAMED H M Y


Position Name
President Chua Eng Chang
Vice-President Regine Low Si Ting
Honorary General Secretary Zen Liu Zhan Hong
Honorary Finance Secretary Sarah Chu Tingfang
Events Director Tjioe Hongfei Jaryll
Events Director Max Tan Wee Kiat
Marketing Director Jason Kok Zhi Qiang
Public Relations Director Fayanne Foo
Assets Director Jenzus Hsu Yong Jie
Business Solutions Director Peh Xiang Yang
Publications Director Gan Jun
International Students Director Priya Pathak
Welfare Director Christie Jeremy S/O ALPHONSE


Position Name
President Shaun Chia Han Feng
Vice-President Sharon Phui Wei Ling
Honorary General Secretary Shaun Tan Jun Hua
Honorary Finance Secretary Chia Luck Yong
Events Director Terence Lin Ziyang
Events Director Mervyn Lee Shao Hui
Marketing Director Waritta Sukseree
Public Relations Director Cumaresen S/O KAMALACUMAR
Assets Director Brandon Heng Cheng Wei
Business Solutions Director Tay Wei Kiat
Publications Director Tan Yong Sheng
International Students Priya Pathak
Welfare Director Melvin Heng Guan Lek


Position Name
President Ernest Cai Kunrong
Vice-President Danny Seow
Honorary General Secretary Sarah Wan
Honorary Finance Secretary Tan Ying Xuan
Events Director Tan Wei Siong (Anders)
Events Director Derek Lee Han Peng
Marketing Director Edmund Phuang Xuan Kang
Public Relations Director Carmen Tan Jia Min
Assets Director Loh Chong Ghee (Jackson)
Business Solutions Director Peh Chin Chuan
Welfare Director Melvin Heng Guan Lek


Position Name
President Kelvin Chng Soon Yeong
Vice-President Kevin Chan Pui Foong
Honorary General Secretary Gaw Hwee Hoon
Honorary Finance Secretary Lee Weijing
Events Director Joel Tan
Marketing Director Danny Seow Liang Cong
Public Relations Director Hedren Sum Wai Yuan
Assets Director LIM Hang Loon
Business Solutions Director Tan Yi Zhuang
Welfare Director Lee Siew Hui


Position Name
President Yang Kangwei
Vice-President Melanie Lim Ming Ying
Honorary General Secretary Toh Wee Kee
Honorary Finance Secretary Tang Kejie
Events Director Jason Lim Dehua
Marketing Director Aaron Lee Kwang Siong
Public Relations Director Cheryl Chiam Hui Zhu
Assets Director Augustine Leow Teck Kwee
Publications Director Xie Shunping
Business Solutions Director Han Jun Kwang
Welfare Director Alex Chen Changcai


Position Name
President Kelvin Lee Zhao Ming
Vice-President Phelicia Glenda Goh
Honorary General Secretary Alvernia Xu Chu Xuan
Honorary General Secretary Ma Weiyi
Honorary Finance Secretary Ma Weiyi
Events Director Andy Choi Ming Hang
Marketing Director Celeste Phua Mei Qi
Public Relations Director Deeraj Karnani
Assets Director Gerald Tan
Publications Director Phelicia Glenda Goh
Publications Director Gerald Tan
Welfare Director Chiam Hui Ting


Position Name
President Ngiang Boon Loong
Vice-President Zhuang Zhirong, Robin
Honorary General Secretary Ankit Guglani
Honorary Finance Secretary Yeo Gek Peng, Cake
Assistant Honorary Finance Secretary Sung Lai Soon, Joseph
Advertising and Promotion Director Ang Min Shan, Clara
Sponsorship and Industry Relations Director David Hui Kai Seng
Sponsorship and Industry Relations Director Alvin Chia
HR Director Isaac Lim Wei Chun
Welfare Director Adrian Goh