We’re extremely proud to report that FlauntIT 2012 has been a resounding success! The event received an overwhelming response from the school community, and our photoshoot slots were fully subscribed from the get-go.

Here’s some on-the-ground reporting done by our resident writer, El-Malique:

“Get it. Got it. Love it. Flaunt it!” Those were the words of Rodel Natividad Casio, a world renowned Filipino Photographer who loved flaunting ‘it’ in her photos. At SMU’s very own FlauntIT event, students were given a chance to do the same. The professional team of photographers, hairdressers and stylists from Beauty Box Studios were ready to transform the average joe to the billionaire Donald Trump look!

Professional Team from BeautyBox!

Professional Photos from BeautyBox Studios!

So what did our fellow SMU students think about the event? A year two accountancy student thought it was excellent timing as the photos helped to spruce up her résumé, and would undoubtedly be useful in the bid for an internship this summer. This view was held among other year 2s and 3s as they also strived to beautify their portfolio.  That said, I also found Year 1s getting a slice of the action. According to a Y1 SOB student, it is never too early to start on your portfolio. “Gotta take the photo while I’m still looking young, right?”, she cheekily added.

Hairdressers busy transforming just-some to awe-some

Hairdressers busy transforming just-some to awe-some

Behind the scenes was Mush, second-in-charge of operations at the BeautyBox-FlauntIT booth. He shared with me about the difficulty for students to achieve a professional look at an affordable price, and how the SISS-Beauty Box collaboration has made things easier.

Students can choose between the 2 attractive packages (individual or group), and save up to 70% with a package from FlauntIT. Individual prices start from just $24 for 4R or passport sized photo!

Awesome goodie bags from our sponsors!

You also get awesome goodie bags from our sponsors!

Mush also adds that SMU is the first school to have the crew of Beauty Box directly visit the campus. Other joint ventures with other universities like NTU’s School of Business required students to visit the studio. Talk about exclusive service!

Flaunting IT: Samuel and Fong from LKCSB

Flaunting IT: Samuel and Fong from LKCSB

Mush also believes that it is important to have a good corporate image for the benefits it brings.  A good picture will distinguish you from other job applicants gunning for the same job, and help you leave a deeper impression even a potential employer meets you. Additionally, professional photos are perfect for networking sites like LinkedIn. This goes a long way in giving your online profile an added professional yet personal touch.

More photos from the event:

The FlauntIT Registration Booth!

No Suit? No Problem! Browse from our selection!

No Suit? No Problem! Browse from our Selection!

"Looking good, as usual" -  Jason, SISS Marketing Director

"Looking good, as usual" - Jason, SISS Marketing Director


On behalf of SISS, thank you all who participated in FlauntIT 2012. We look forward to seeing you next year!