Glow Bash 2013 Organizing Committee Recruitment



Portfolio Description


  • Oversees the entire execution of the event
  • Liaise with SISS and the General Office on any issues

Vice President

  • Assists the President in overseeing the entire execution of the event
  • Supports the various functional departments

Finance Secretary

  • Oversees the budgeting of the event
  • Handles all finance claims

Public Relations Director:

  • Liaises with external parties to establish partnerships and sponsorships
  • Manages PR aspect of a potential crisis situation and handles any media coverage
  • Manages both internal and external stakeholders (i.e. students)

Marketing Director:

  • Designs E-Mailers & manages various marketing channels
  • Manages and coordinates all marketing and advertising activities
  • Develops innovative marketing strategies to market the event

Show Director

  • Organises and oversees the execution of the event
  • Liaises with various stakeholders to ensure that all stakeholders’ needs are met

Talent Director

  • Scouts and manages the recruited talents (participants)
  • Coaches and advises on performance matters



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